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Black Mamba Hyperrush

**Experienced Users Only**

It’s time to bring sexy back!

Black Mamba has returned with it’s original high intensity fat sweltering formula!

You are one pill away from sending your body into a powerful thermogenic state where increased calorie burning lives and fat dies!

A fully reloaded formula that is also designed to support you in getting in control of your cravings and support your mood, to make fat loss not just about looking great, but feeling great too!

Your diet is no longer in control of your mood…. YOU ARE!!!!

Bring the fittest version of your body out now with Black Mamba Hyperrush! Get it Now!

Key Benefits of Black Mamba Hyperrush:

  – Promotes Increased Energy*

  – Supports Increased Fat Loss*

  – Helps Suppress Appetite*

  – Promotes Increased Mental Alertness*

  – Helps Balance Mood*

  – Helps Boost Metabolism*

Key Ingredients in Black Mamba Hyperrush:

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine has several benefits and is a stimulant found in almost all fat burners. As the body metabolizes caffeine it increases lipolysis, the breakdown of fat, which decreases fat stored all over the body. Caffeine also helps with suppressing appetite therefore lowering the number of calories you intake daily. Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic, preventing water retention and ultimately leading to some weight loss by reduction of fluid retention. This ingredient is added to enhance mental alertness and focus. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscles.

Hordenine: A derivative of the amino acid tyramine, this compound helps to increase cognitive function, stimulate higher energy levels and improve mood. Additionally, this ingredient helps to increase metabolic rate while aiding in appetite suppression.

Synephrine HCL: This ingredient is very similar to Methylsynephrine. Synephrine HCL is an adrenergic agonist which is mainly found in citrus aurantium (bitter orange). Studies show that synephrine induce lipolysis, which is the burning of fat cells.

Yohimbine HCL: Yohimbine is a vasodilator, which helps to increase blood flow. Yohimbine is also known to help decrease fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization. Additionally it has been shown to help with overall sense of well being, mood, and appetite suppression.

It’s time to crush your fat loss goals! Get Black Mamba Hyperrush now!

Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 1 Capsule
 Servings per container: 90
Amount per serving %DV
Total Black Mamba Blend 555mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg **
EPH Extract (leaves) (As Thermo Z Brand 65mg **
Proprietary Blend with Thermo-Rx and Extend-Rx Technology 290mg
Senegalia berlandieri Extract (Leaves)[Yielding 150mg Phenylethylamine, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, & N-Phenethyldimethylamine], Caralluma extract (standardized for Pregnane Glycosides (cactus), DL-phenylalanine, para-Synephrine HCL, Naringen (Fruit), 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (Fruit), Hordenine HCL, Evodiae rutaecarpa 98% extract (fruit), Yohimbine HCL **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium stearate, FD&c Blue and Red #40.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule after breakfast. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day. Do not take for more than 8 weeks without taking 2 weeks off for maximum results.

CAUTION: Black Mamba is by far one of the strongest fat burners on the market and should only be used by those who have a high tolerance to stimulants. If you are not used to stimulants this product can easily be too strong for you. DO NOT USE THIS FAT BURNER IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER.


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