SNS (Serious Nutrition Solutions) Focus XT 30sv



Buy 2 or more bottles for only 23.95 each with free shipping!!


Buy 2 or more bottles of SNS Focus XT for only 23.95 each with free shipping!!

Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, Improved Performance, & Energy!


Focus XT is a state of the art formula that combines precise ratios of active ingredients in order to deliver optimal results. It is a truly unique product that delivers a wide variety of benefits in terms of mental clarity, focus, concentration, improved performance, and cognitive function.


Focus XT can be used by individuals for a variety of purposes. Examples of this include: individuals trying to improve their workout and athletic performance; students wanting to enhance their focus, concentration, and productivity while at school or studying; individuals whose jobs require optimal mental performance; people who lose focus easily and/or are easily distracted; people that work long shifts and need to stay focused and alert (examples: fire fighters, EMT’s, nurses, and others); Gamers/eSports enthusiasts looking to improve their focus, concentration, reaction time, and alertness; and by others who feel that they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is used for.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7 grams)
Servings Per Container: 30
Vitamin B6 10mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg
Focus XT Tyosine Complex 1500mg
L-tyrosine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine
Focus XT Choline Complex 1000mg
Choline bitartrate, alpha GPC
Acetyl-l-carnitine 1000mg
Taurine 1000mg
DMAE 200mg
L-theanine 100mg
Theacrine 62.5mg
Lutein 10mg
Huperzine A 100mcg
Focus XT Dual Mode Caffeine Complex
Caffeine anhydrous 125mg
Dicaffeine malate 50mg


Other Ingredients: Citric acid, silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, fd&c blue #1.

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