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Buy 2 bottles of Blackstone Labs Epicat for only 32.99 each with free shipping!!


Buy 2 bottles of Blackstone Labs Epicat for only 31.99 each with free shipping!!


Epi cat is an epicatechin supplement designed to inhibit myostatin which will in turn help to increase muscle mass!


What is the Key Ingredients in Epi Cat?

(-)-Epicatechin: Epicatechin is a flavanol found in certain plants such as green tea and cocoa; and is a powerful antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin. Myostatin is the greatest single catabolic limiting factor of muscle growth. This natural growth factor protein exists in our bodies and works to regulate and limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. Myostatin actually suppresses muscle growth! Epicatechin works to decrease Myostatin which helps to reduce these limiting factors, promoting muscle development beyond your genetic potential.


The Future of Anabolic Products

EpiCat is your opportunity to flip the genetic switch and become the freak that nature had never intended. The king of the anabolic jungle is not a steroid, pro hormone, or even HGH. If you want to get really big, really shredded; without changing your workouts or diet around the real answer lays in genetic modification. The human body has many regulators that turn on automatically throughout our lives. One of them is myostatin, released by our muscles to make sure we don?t grow uncontrollably huge so that we can?t move or do anything functional. Remember, thousands of years ago we were hunters, not bodybuilders looking to get jacked.

The Science

The key ingredient in EpiCat is our proprietary blend headlined by epicatechin; a substance found naturally occurring in cocoa beans and commercially eaten in dark chocolate. Epicatechin has been scientifically found to interfere with our muscles release of myostatin, by releasing another molecule called follistatin. There?s nothing special about follistatin other than the fact that it acts as a distraction on the myostatin. With our muscles not being properly regulated for size due to this interference the result is more muscle growth than our bodies could ever imagine.

Why has nobody used this before?

Mostly because nobody wants to eat pounds of dark chocolate per day to see the effects the old fashion way. EpiCat is highly concentrated and fortified with antioxidants green tea for an overall healthy mechanism for maximum muscle growth without disrupting your natural hormone production. Try it for 90 days and notice how easy it was to reach your untapped potential.


 Benefits of Epi Cat 

– Helps Increase Muscle Endurance

– Helps Increase Muscle Hardness

– Helps Improve Strength

– Inhibits Myostatin


– Non-toxic

? Does not require PCT

? Can be used by men or women

? Dry had gains

? Can be taken in 8+ week cycles

? Stacks great with all other Blackstone Products


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