Strike First Nutrition Testall Drops 4FL OZ


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Free shipping on Strike First Nutrition Testall Drops!!

Product Description

TestAll Drops are Handmade Artisan Tinctures offered by Strike First Nutrition. TestAll Drops restores and maintains androgenic hormones to optimal levels and eliminates systemic inflammation in joints, tissues and the brain. It supports endothelial cell function which is important for Nitric Oxide levels and circulation.

This translates into optimal muscle and nerve growth (strength), faster recovery time, muscle preservation.

The effects are most noticeable when the formula is taken concurrently with a training regimen. This formula is a health tonic for men made from 100 percent whole plant extracts put into a synergistic extract that covers all the bases.


Tribulus fruit has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance Chi or Vital Life Force

Japanese Knotweed has been used traditionally in Chinese Medicine for inflammation, burns, and infections. It is the highest known source of resveratrol and trans resveratrol

American Ginseng is highly regarded worldwide as an adaptogenic agent

Galangal also known as Malaysian Ginseng is a spice that contains a cross-over of chemical constituents that promote increased vitality, increased circulation, and enhanced digestion and liver functioning


  • Organic Cane Alcohol 40-60 Percent
  • Distilled Water


Contraindicated with blood thinning medications, may alter the effects of diabetic and blood pressure medications



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