Red Dawn Sleep Walker Shot Bottle (2 oz.)


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Buy 2 or more for only 5.99 each with Free Shipping!!


Free shipping on Red Dawn Sleep Walker Shot Bottle (2 oz.)!

Buy 2 bottles of Red Dawn Sleep Walker for just 5.99 each!

Euphoria Awareness Enhancer-Anti Anxiety Stimulator!


Zombied out? Walking around in circles, getting nothing done?

Sleep Walker is food for the ?Brain?.

Formulated with B vitamins, caffeine and amino acids, your day is now ?A dream come true?.


All work and no play, not at Red Dawn. It is well understood that sometimes there is a definite need for relaxation and recuperation. With that in mind, Red Dawn created the finest blend of ingredients to make your worries disappear. Red Dawn’s saying to you is “Dream on, enjoy having your heads in the cloud.”

Sleep Walker Benefits:


  • Enhance moods
  • Help with relaxation
  • Enhance sexual play
  • Elevates touch & feel

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Oz.
Servings Per Container: 1
Total Fat 0g

Carbohydrate <1g

Sugar 0g

Sodium 10mg

Total Protein 0g

Thiamine HCI 15mg

Riboflavin 22mg

Pyridoxine HCI 50mg

Proprietary Blend 1348mg


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