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Performance-enhancing substances for mental and physical gains!


Have heightened brain activity

Have all day mental clarity and energy

Increase Focus

Increase Cognitive Function

Increase speed of thought

Improve Memory Recall

Increase mental and physical endurance

Sleep Better


KOIOS was created to help people achieve mental dominance. Our product was developed out of a passion for healthy brain function. We wanted to give people a healthy and natural alternative to stimulants, energy drinks, coffee and drugs. Taking two KOIOS per day will create mental superiority and is less expensive than drinking Starbucks and much healthier than consuming energy drinks and pre-workouts.

Koios enhances focus, concentration, mental capacity, memory retention, cognitive function, alertness, brain capacity and creates all day mental clarity and energy, without using large amounts of stimulants. It uses 11 ingredients specifically designed to target brain function by increasing blood flow, oxygen levels and neural connections in the brain. Our unique combination of ingredients allows our users to create all of the above benefits without harmful side effects, crashes or jitters that stimulants create.

KOIOS uses 11 earth grown ingredients that help you maximize brain function. KOIOS is also now vegetarian because using animal products to create gelatin is weird. KOIOS will help you increase focus, concentration, reaction time, memory recall, mental cognition and give you all day mental clarity and energy, without using large amounts of stimulants. We use less natural caffeine than you would find in an average cup of coffee. Our formula delivers more oxygen, blood, neural connection and nutrients to your brain so it can thrive! Get some today and unleash your mental titan.


The formula:


Improves memory recall, mood and strengthens the nervous system. Vitamin B12 has many important functions in the body. It works with the B vitamin folate to make our body’s genetic material. It is essential to the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen through the blood to the body and the brain. B12 deficiency has been linked to mood changes, depression, memory loss and dementia.


Involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions in the body and can increase mood and mental capacity. B6 is likely to be the most common deficiency in the average American diet. Vitamin b6 is one of several B Vitamins required for proper production of neurotransmitters, the chemicals responsible for sending signals to the brain. GABA, dopamine, and serotonin ? arguably the three most important of the neurotransmitters ? all require vitamin b6 for synthesis.

Alpha GPC:

Rapidly delivers choline to the brain. Alpha GPC increases a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine. This brain chemical is important for memory and learning functions.

Huperzine A:

Huperzine gives you laser-like focus, clears mental fog, and super charges learning. HupA is an acetylcholine transmitter. More acetylcholine neurotransmission in the brain amplifies memory, learning ability and attention. Both vitro and in vitro studies of HupA highlight the specificity of the inhibitor and its effect on neurotransmitter levels.

Cats Claw Bark:

Cats Claw is known to boost the immune system and has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Increased inflammation in the brain can cause nerve damage, poor memory, depression and fatigue. Many Americans suffer from inflammation.


Vinpocetine is a vasodilator, which enhances cerebral blood flow and metabolic efficiency. It is derived from the periwinkle plant. Already widely used in Europe, physicians believe it is far more effective than other supplements such as Ginko Biloba used for memory and brain function. Clinical studies have found VinP has several advantages for the human brain including memory enhancement, increased cognitive performance, improved cerebral circulation and higher mental acuity and awareness. Vinpocetine inhibits calcium calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterase (PDE) type 1. This inhibition may lead to increases in cyclic adenosine 3′,5′ .-monophosphate and may be responsible for benefits in cerebral circulation and decreased platelet aggregation.


Bacopa is an herb native to India that has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance memory, learning and concentration. Researchers may first have been intrigued by Bacopa Monnnieri because of the effect they believed it may have on ancient Shamans, who reportedly used the herb to help them memorize epic poems. A study conducted by the psychology department at the University of Wollongong in Australia also showed that Bacopa increases memory and recall ability. Results of a study presented in 1996 at the International Brain Research Conference showed that Bacopa reduced the time needed to learn a new task by almost half! Dr. Oz said, “Bacopa Monnieri will make you smarter, enhance your memory, and help you focus better.”


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid important to the production of dopamine. One study in children with Attention Deficit Disorder were given a combination supplement of Tyrosine and 5-HTP (doses being titrated, with the lowest reported dose being 1,500mg tyrosine and 150mg 5-HTP and the highest being 3,750mg and 425mg respectively) noted that supplementation was associated with a greater reduction in symptoms As assessed by New York Medical College.
People take Tyrosine for Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , the inability to stay awake (Narcolepsy) and improving alertness following sleep deprivation.


Phosphatidylserine is an amino acid derivative compound that is fat-soluble and found in high amounts in the brain, where it contributes to cognitive function. This compound is vital for cognitive function, and helps individuals improve memory and cognitive capacity.


Ciwuija is a remarkable herb for endurance and fat metabolism. It first came to the attention of sports scientists in the mid 1990s based on anecdotal reports of its use by Tibetan mountain climbers to enhance work performance at high altitudes. Recently, a new peer-reviewed study was published evaluating the effect of Ciwuija supplementation on cyclists over an eight week period. What makes this study truly unique is that the investigators used double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover design, which is the gold standard in research. The researchers found that cyclists using Ciwujia for eight weeks increased their VO2max by 12% and increased endurance by 23%. The cyclists receiving Ciwujia had a 4% increase in heart rate but did not have any increase in fatigue.


Guarana is used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It is a frequent addition to energy and weight loss products. Guarana stimulates the central nervous system and contains theophylline and theobromine.



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