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Built With Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acids! BCAA+SAA! Strength + Recovery!

Built with INSTANTIZED BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAAs) and SILK AMINO ACIDS (SAAs) ACTIVE AMINO combines two of the most influential and exciting ingredients into one essential, complete, and all-encompassing sports supplement. Designed to fuel and support MUSCLES, ACTIVE AMINO works to increase muscle strength, aid in muscle recovery, and improve physical stamina.

If you are an ATHLETE or if you are ACTIVE, it doesn’t matter if you compete, train, CrossFit, grapple, hot yoga, run, or cycle, ACTIVE AMINO was designed for you and your MUSCLES. Drink ACTIVE AMINO regularly to assist in building muscle, recovering sore muscles, and actually increasing muscle glycogen (fuel) which in turn increases muscle endurance.
If you are an ATHLETE of any kind, then Active Amino was designed for YOU AND YOUR MUSCLES. Use Active Amino regularly to assist in building muscle, recovering sore muscles, and actually increasing muscle glycogen (fuel) which in turn increases muscle endurance.


The three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine cannot be synthesized by the human body and therefore must be supplemented either by food or by dietary supplements. BCAAs play a crucial role in supplementing muscles because they make up about 33% of muscle tissue in the body [1]. Muscles are BUILT, REPAIRED, PRESERVED and GROWN with BCAAs, PERIOD!


Active Amino? features a 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, to L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. There are other products that contain higher ratios of L-Leucine to the other two BCAAs, some as high as 4:1:1 or even 8:1:1. The 2:1:1 ratio used by FINAFLEX is backed by numerous clinical research studies that show that too much L-Leucine does not improve muscle mass [1]. Also, research has shown that red meat contains a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs. 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio Allows BCAAs to FUEL MUSCLES More Effectively!


Silk Amino Acids (SAA) are free form amino acids that come from the cocoon of silk worms. The unique Silk Amino Acid profile is a precise ratio of eleven different amino acids working together synergistically to perform a variety of functions. Recent research has shown Silk Amino Acids can increase muscle glycogen levels (fuel), increase muscle mass, increase testosterone, decrease cortisol levels, and help preserve muscles [2]. SAAs have also been shown to improve physical stamina and strength in forced tests that measure performance [2]. Muscles are FUELED, GROWN, PRESERVED, and BUILT with SAAs, PERIOD!

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10 grams)
Servings Per Container: 30
Vitamin A 2,500 IU 50%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 250 mg 416%
Vitamin E 100 IU 333%
Biotin 100 mcg 33%
BCAA (2:1:1) INSTANTIZED L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine SILK AMINO ACIDS (SAA) L-Alanine, L-Glycine, L-Serine, L-Valine, L-Threonine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Cystine, L-Tyrosine, L-Methionine, L-Lysine ANTIOXIDANT + ANTI CRAMPING Taurine, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E, Vitamin A 7.6 g

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Watermelon Flavor, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Silca.

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Fruit Punch, Watermelon


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