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Buy 2 for only 55.99 each!

Anabolic Precursor To Promote Mass And Strength!


How big do you want to be??

If you answered as BIG as I can get, then Chemical One is for you!!

Do you remember 1-Testostorone??

Back in the early 2000s, late 1990s, the supplement world was introduced to one of the strongest compounds EVER! 1-Testosterone!! This compound was one of the first, and strongest, anabolic activators ever released. It was known for giving users lean gains, upwards of 10-20 pounds within the first 60 days, without negative side effects! 1-Testosterone was the end of Andro supplements (remember Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa?) that had poor conversion rates, and the beginning of a new ADVANCED category of anabolic supplements, THAT WORKED!

So what happened to 1-Testostorone??
Unfortunately, 1-Test was banned. It worked TOO well. What followed afterwards were several methylated products that had too many side effects, compared to the positive gains.

Hello 1-DHEA!!
Finally, Chaos and Pain has gotten its hands on one of the NEWEST, most effective anabolic activators ever created! Enter 1-DHEA. The cool thing about 1-DHEA is that it converts into 1-TESTSTORONE in the body!

How do you make sure that your body gets the most 1-DHEA possible, without getting destroyed by the liver?

With advanced Cyclosome technology! This unique process allows 1-DHEA to pass through the liver without being destroyed. By not being destroyed, your body is able to used more 1-DHEA than EVER BEFORE!!

Cyclosome is a liposomal delivery technology that surrounds 1-DHEA and allows it to pass through the liver without being harmed or destroyed. Now more 1-DHEA is able to be absorbed and used by the body than ever before!

How do you make 1-DHEA even better?
Have you ever heard of Fadogia? If not, let me introduce you two. Fadogia is one of the newest compounds that is being used to help increase your body?s natural production of testosterone!

Just for the heck of it, we decided to throw Fadogia into the mix, and included it in Chemical One! Now you can rest assured knowing that your natural test levels are being taken care of.

How long can you stay on Chemical One?

We recommend that you stay on Chemical One for two months, followed by a month off-cycle for best results

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 60
1-androsta-3b-ol-17-one 110mg
Fadogia agrestis 150mg
6, 7 dihydroxybergarnottin 40mg


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