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Buy 2 for only 21.99 each!

Where Mass and Recovery Begin!?*

CELLMASS 2.0 ingredients when used as directed, at maximum dosage, over time, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise are designed to support

BSN CELLMASS 2.0 Ultimate Recovery Product 50 Servings!

BSN Re-introduces its state of the art post workout and recovery product. CELLMASS is perfect for immediately after a hardcore training session when muscles are in a state of heighted stress and require the correct support in order to recover, and lead you to increasing your athletic performance. To facilitate this, CELLMASS 2.0’s completely redesigned formula delivers three forms of creatine as well as glutamine, taurine and hydrolyzed whey protein to replenish fatigued muscles and kick-start the recovery process after a workout. Taking CELLMASS 2.0 promotes more efficient recovery, combats muscular fatigue and breakdown, and supports muscle strength, endurance and overall performance. Adequately recovered from an intense training session, athletes are better prepared to excel in the following day’s workout. For anyone who wants to ensure that their workouts don’t go to waste and their hard-earned lean muscle isn’t compromised, CELLMASS 2.0 is where mass and recovery begin.

BSN CELLMASS 2.0 Benefits

  • Improved Recovery from Grueling Workouts
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Replenishment of Muscle Creatine (ATP) and Glutamine Stores
  • Increased Muscle Strength & Endurance
  • Reduce Muscular Fatigue
  • Muscle Sparing Ingredients

CELLMASS 2.0 Reviews


Been on this for 2 days and worked out hard yesterday with ZERO soreness today after taking cellmass twice yesterday and after workout today.


Cell Mass works, I noticed an increase in my endurance while training and my recovery has been a lot better after training days. I haven’t had any DOMS on this stack. I give cell mass a 9.5/10 on recovery.


Was able to log this and LOVED IT! Tastes like a tropical mix of berries, citrus (pineapple maybe??) and watermelon. BSN really hit the spot on this flavor! No bad aftertaste whatsoever. Seems like it would be great blended up into a slushie with crushed ice! The flavor is crisp and natural, not chemically like so many other products! Felt great in the gym and afterwards. Took it either before or after the gym and it helped a lot either way!


bsn cellmass ingredients

Side Effects & Warnings

Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Wheat And Soy (Lecithin) Ingredients.

Allergen Warning: Manufactured On Equipment Which Processes Products Containing Milk, Egg, Soybeans, Wheat, Shellfish, Fish Oil, Tree Nuts And Peanut Flour.


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 4-6 oz. (118-177mL) of cold water or any beverage of your choice twice a day

Additional information


Artic Berry, Grape, Blue Razz, Watermelon


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