Boss Sports Nutrition DeMoniZed 60ct


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Buy 2 for only 47.99 each!


You asked and we delivered! DeMoniZed is a newly formulated “Hardener” engineered and designed to increase, sustain, and strengthen muscularity, resulting in dry gains, harder/leaner muscle, and increased vascularity from one week to the next. DeMoniZed will increase lean muscle mass and strength at a level that is comparable to popular products. We also added in a plethora of support ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hawthorn Berry Extract, CoQ10, and Saw Palmetto to ensure your vital organs are working in harmony! See why DeMoniZed will help you reach your goals in no time!



Supplement Facts:

Servings size – 2 capsules

Servings per bottle – 30


dmz – 10mg

alpha lipoc acid – 300mg

hawthron berry extract – 400mg

CoQ10 – 300mg

saw palmetto – 300mg


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