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Explosive Pumps With Intense Energy, Drive And Focus!

Applied Nutriceuticals has the answer to putting you back in the drivers seat and speeding towards your goal faster that you ever thought possible! That product is RPM a Phyto-Chemical Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (PSARM). RPM is a breakthrough formulation that provides explosive energy, uncanny mental focus, amazing strength increases, insane pumps, suppressed estrogen, increased testosterone all while incinerating fat! Best of all, these results are noticed from the very first dose! RPM gives the best of both worlds instant gratification coupled with long-term results!

Lets look at each benefit that this super-charged formula provides

Explosive Energy
Not since the days of Ephedra has there been such a high octane formula available to rev up your workouts. Within 1 hour of the very first dose you will feel the blood flowing like never before. No longer are there any feelings of fatigue from a busy day or a poor nights sleep.

Uncanny Mental Focus
As you begin your warm up, any nagging thoughts cluttering your mind give way to a more purposeful, focused state of mind that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand; your workout. As your energy increases the body and mind become one allowing you to focus on your training like never before. RPM’s unique blend of cognitive and mood enhancers give you drive like no other product that helps improve every aspect of your life.

Amazing Strength Increases
From the very first dose you will notice the RPM is much more than just another pre-workout energy formula. RPMs unique blend of compounds combine potent testosterone boosters that will allow you to achieve your goals of size and strength faster than you ever thought possible! RPMs amazing ingredient blueprint applies new scientific theories regarding SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) in a completely unique way; pushing RPMs effectiveness past any other conventional testosterone booster. Building lean hard muscle tissue has never been this easy.

Mind-Blowing Pumps
Ready for insane volume? RPM will give you pumps like never before. No, we’re not referring to the same old half-hearted pumps that quickly go away and leave you feeling deflated. We are talking true fullness and volume. RPM provides acute vasodilation action by increasing Nitric oxide thru PDE5 inhibition, leading to a stronger and much more forceful contraction. In short, RPM has a longer lasting more potent NO pump then you have ever felt before.

Increased Density and Hardness
When you work hard, you want it to show and to look our best. RPM dramatically hardens the look of your physique by reducing aromatase and estradiol. The end result is a denser, harder look with reduced water retention. Now you can finally show off the results of hours in the gym and display the lean muscle you have worked so hard for.

Incinerates FAT
RPMs revolutionary formula is also a very potent fat burner. The thermogenic qualities of RPM are reminiscent of the old Ephedra days, without having to stack it with anything else to make it work!

Instant gratification. Long term gains. Intensity. Strength. Energy. Focus. Drive. Pump. Fat Burning. Its all here. Your personal checkered flag has never been so close. Its time to get in the race.


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