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Special Promo – buy 1, get 1 at 50% off on Animis Omniscienti with free shipping!!. Discount will show up in shopping cart when you select 2 or more items. This is for a limited time only!!

Animis Omniscienti is  scientifically based blend of nootropic ingredients that improve the functioning of the nervous system and dramatically improve brain function. This product really puts the user one step ahead of their peers and competitors, and the elderly and demented patients restore intellectual and nervous fitness.

Those disciplined in the art of health and fitness often strive toward never letting anything hold them back from perfection. Without knowing any limits, these individuals never accept “NO” as an answer. Though, living in a cutthroat, hypercompetitive world brings fierce competition. For the next in line is waiting to take your place if you falter. Yet, with the enhancement of one’s cognitive ability, one is able to strategically break through any obstacles faced along the journey set ahead of them! Providing those who obtain it that extra mental edge above their peers.

Omniscienti by Animis is the most potent cognitive enhancer ever made for the optimization of mental stamina and reversal of age-related cognitive decline. Users will experience an increase in focus, memory, motivation, and an overall heightened sense of awareness; colors will seem brighter, and sounds will sound clearer, almost instantly.

Brief Background

The central nervous system consists of a network of neurons that are able to use chemical and electrical signaling to effectively communicate to one another. These signals allow for the central nervous system to receive inputs from our surroundings and appropriately think, plan and respond. The frontal lobe of the brain is one region that receives neuronal signals and is critical to one’s ability to make decisions, move, as well as having important implications in learning and memory. By utilizing the motor, premotor, prefrontal cortex and correlating regions, the frontal cortex is able to effectively control fine movement, working memory, behavior, planning, and abstract reasoning.

One of the main afferent projections to the frontal lobe come from the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe consists of the amygdala, limbic cortex and hippocampal formation. Unlike the frontal lobe the temporal lobe has been linked to things like vision, hearing, emotion and long term memory. Regulation of the glutamate transporters are vital to the temporal lobes ability to perform its function. A transporter known for hosting the main excitatory neurotransmitter within the brain, glutamate, that plays key roles in synaptic plasticity, learning, memory, and neuronal regulation . Deficits within this network have been linked to visual, auditory, sensory disturbances and neurodegenerative diseases.



For thousands of years, ancient Greek mythology has told tales of Omniscienti’s main ingredient, Galantamine. Derived from the plant Galanthus caucasicus, it was once known to be responsible for Odysseus’ keen brilliance. Currently, it is known for its ability to slow the progression of memory impairments associated with Alzheimer’s, and effectively reduce symptoms. The way Galantamine does this by its ability to inhibit acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme associated with the breakdown of ACh within the synaptic cleft, and potentiate Ach receptors. This mechanism of action, effectively allows Galantamine to increase the flow of blood to the frontal lobe as well as other regions of the brain, and potentiate the ACh receptors, which play a vital role in learning capacity, attention span, memory formation, neuro-protection, and plasticity. In addition, Galantamine has recently been discovered to increase insulin-like growth factor 2 within the hippocampus; promoting cell growth, survival, and migration within a region critical to new memory formation. The use of Galantamine also has the ability to increase one’s overall sensory perception as well as helping to provide a much deeper and longer sleep.


The second primary ingredient in Omniscienti is Coluracetam . One of its roles is to act to enhance high-affinity choline uptake. By doing this it effectively increases the uptake of choline and synthesis of Acetylcholine within the synapse. This cognitive enhancer not only aids learning and memory, but also assists with Galantamine’s mechanism of action in a synergistic way. Coluracetam has also been shown to prevent glutamate cytotoxicity, making it helpful in fighting neurodegenerative diseases, and regulating our sensory relay system. It also has the ability to potentiate AMPA receptors for glutamate, which is essential to the formation of new memories and synaptic plasticity. This potential is linked with the medial temporal projections within the temporal lobe, an area that is critical in the formation of both declarative and long term memories. This, provides the potential to create long term improvements in the ability to form and retrieve memories, which will allow for an overall increase in both cognition and decision making.


Centrophenoxine has been used for many years for the reversal of age-related cognitive decline. It is structurally similar to DMAE and can act as a source of choline. It is also known as a powerful anti-oxidant with the ability to rid the body of many unwanted toxins, such as lipofuscin that build up as we age. Centrophenoxine also has the ability to increase the amount of glucose uptake within the CNS as well as being a potent booster of RNA and protein synthesis, making it a potent neuro-protector and cognitive protectant. Centrophenoxines mechinism of action, leads to an overall increase in memory and cognition, in addition to its many neuroprotective properties.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:

Galantamine   8mg

Celuracetam  40mg

Centrophenoxine 300mg


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