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AlphaButerols Razor Cut formula wasnt created with a huge list of ingredients; it was formulated with a few effectively dosed, high quality ingredients that provide real results. This potent blend of ingredients works by:

  • Increasing the bodies metabolism
  • Increases thermogenesis / body temperature
  • Significant increase in energy levels
  • Decreases fat storage capacity
  • Decreases appetite and blood glucose levels
  • Detoxification


The way AlphaButerol out performs other fat burning supplements is with its unique thermogenic qualities; which means that it significantly increases the body’s temperature for a longer period of time. This increase in body temperature stimulates weight loss, especially around stubborn areas like belly, chest, and back fat.


Key Ingredient Profile


Micro E Caffeine: Is not your standard caffeine. Micro E Caffeine provides a continued energy source that stays in the body for a prolonged period of time, providing the body with lots of energy throughout the day. Micro E Caffeine has a unique delivery system, which takes place in the central nervous system. This is where appetite suppression takes place, curving your appetite/food cravings.


2-aminoisoheptane: works by boosting dopamine and noradrenaline, which results in a longer lasting energy boost.

Dandelion Root: can be found freely in nature, and has seen use in medicine long before the advent of modern supplements. The body quickly and easily absorbs this root, and releases key nutrients that fuel strong muscles and promotes weight loss. Dandelion root is also an amazing cleanings herb, that naturally detoxifies and cleanses the blood.

White Willow: is another herb that has a long historical background. White Willow is a plant that is native to parts of Asia and Africa, and it was traditionally used to cure various mental conditions and disease such as depression and anxiety. White Willow’s presence in AlphaButerol is to provide a calming effect for the body and mind, to attenuate against over stimulation from the potent ingredients in AlphaButerol.

Higenamine: is a fruit/plant based chemical that that induces fat loss by increasing the amount of fat available for fuel as well as by increasing heat generated by the body.

Cayenne Pepper: is a particularly hot pepper that is used as a natural fat burning compound.





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