AAN Fat Burner Extreme (DMHA) 60ct, Save big when you order 2 or more!!


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aan fFree shipping on AAN Fat Burner Extreme w/ DMHA!

Buy 2 for only 26.99  each!!

Fat Burner EXTREME DMHA is a synergistic blend of eight ingredients that target fat loss through multiple pathways and can increase energy, metabolism & fat-burning for up to 8 hours.*

 DMHA for EXTREME Energy & Fat-loss

 NPD for EXTREME Energy & Euphoria

 Green Coffee Bean for increased fat oxidation

 Theobromide for elevated mood & appetite suppression

 Rauwolscine for increased lipolysis & fat mobilization

 BioPerine? for increased absorption

 Caffeine Anhydrous for stamina & alertness

Amount Per Serving %DV

Green Coffee Bean Extract 300mg

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine HCl (NPD) 200mg

Theobromide (cocoa extract) 200mg

2-Amino-5-methylhexane (DMHA) 150mg

Hygenamine 40mg

Rauwolscine 2mg

Bio-Availability Enhancer

BioPerine? 5mg

Adrenaline Rush

Caffiene Anhydrous 375mg

Vita Mix (45mg)

B3 10mg (50%)

B6 5mg (250%)

B12 Methyl 100mcg (1,667%)

Vitamin C 30mg (50%)


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